Muhammad Ali of Egypt and the Sudan

Muhammad Ali of Egypt and the Sudan (Mehmet Ali Pasha, Kavalalı Mehmed Ali Paşa) was represented at Madame Tussaud's, a waxworks museum that Wilford Woodruff visited on 24 Jun. 1845 in London, Middlesex, England.


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  • Page 257

    been to great expens in fiting out an army of 500,000 men to assist Mehemit Ali & for other purposes. Endeavering at the same time to fort ify Paris by surrounding it with a strong wall, but in the midst of this scenery they have been suffering under one constant torrent of Judgment, the sea has hove itself beyound its bounds the rivers Seine, Saone & Rhone overflowed their banks turned out of therr course & these created a flood unparellelled ...
  • Page 258

    interfered, & caused Mehemet Ali to lie passive at their feet, but the effect of all these movements have been to prepare the way for the return of the Jews to the land of there Fathers, & while the Lord is begining to give the Jews favor in the eyes of Kings that they m[a]y become their nursing fathers & Queens th[e]ir nursing mothers, they begin to see it time for them to make a right use of so favorable an opportunity & immediately return & rebuild Jerrusalem, & ...
  • Page 102

    8th The Queen Dowager in a Court Dress 9th Espartero, late regent of Spain uniform Spanish general 10th Louis Philippe king of the French in the costumes of the national worn by himself 11th Comodore Napier As an Admiral. 12 Lord John Russel 13th Mehemet Ali in a Turkish costume 14 Charles XIV. King of Sweeden And Norway uniform of the Sweedish Guard 15th The Marquis of Anglesea uniform of a Hussar 16 ...