Phebe Philbrook Starrett

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    Part of Journal (January 1, 1838 – December 31, 1839)

    October 1, 1838 ~ Monday Oct 1st It is unusally warm for the season. I conveyed Sister Rhoda Scamans home in a waggon we are still waiting in great anxiety for the camp to arive. O how slow they moove 10 miles October 2, 1838 ~ Tuesday 2nd Elder Townsend has this morning started for the east to look up the camp of the saints to see whare they are & what they are about that they do not get along [FIGURE] I wrote a letter ...
    October 1, 1838 October 2, 1838 October 3, 1838 October 4, 1838
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    Part of Autobiography Tullidge's Quarterly Magazine 1883-84

    AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF WILFORD WOODRUFF. [Column 1] and he felt impressed to say, "Walk in, gentlemen." There is probably no other chapter in the whole book that would have the same influence in causing any one to feed a person who professed to be a servant of God and asked for bread. After becoming acquainted with his circumstances I thought it providential that we were led to his house, for al- though he was a professor of religion and a
    March 1, 1838 March 5, 1838 March 22, 1838 March 28, 1838