Robert D. Foster

Robert D. Foster (1811-1878) was born 14 Mar. 1811 in Braunston, Northamptonshire, England. He was the son of John Foster and Jane Knibb. He married Sarah Phinney on 18 Jul. 1837 at Medina Co., Ohio. He was baptized before Oct. 1839. He worked with William Law in 1844 to form a new church, as recorded by Wilford Woodruff. He died 1 Feb. 1878 in Loda, Iroquois Co., Illinois.


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    April 10, 1844 ~ Wednesday April 10th Wendsday I spent the day at home to work in my garden April 11, 1844 ~ Thursday 11th [FIGURE] I spent the day in council some remarks wer made upon the principle of toleration April 12, 1844 ~ Friday 12th I spent the day at home April 13, 1844 ~ Saturday 13th A meeting assembled at 2 oclok & herd a discours delivered by Elder Taylor, upon politicks April 14, 1844 ~ Sunday ...
    April 10, 1844 April 11, 1844 April 12, 1844 April 13, 1844 April 14, 1844 April 15, 1844 April 16, 1844 April 17, 1844 April 18, 1844 April 19, 1844 April 20, 1844 April 21, 1844
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    May 4, 1844 ~ Saturday 4th I mooved into my new brick house & truly felt thankful to have a comfortable dwelling to leave my family in while I go on my mishion [FIGURE] May 5, 1844 ~ Sunday May 5th 1844 I spent the day at home with my family to prepare for my summers mishion I called my family together & blessed them. Phebe washed my feet that I might be clean evry whit. I spent the evening at home May 6 ...
    May 4, 1844 May 5, 1844 May 6, 1844 May 7, 1844
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    [upside-down text] Oct 10th Well I have had my warefare, fought my battle, & gained a victory, I got $300 of Br Neff to By paper with. I returned to philadelphia to day Just saw O Pratt will start in the morning, so I shall Be left alone which is generally the case with Jonah I have $400 now to buy materials with for the office which will help us much, tomorrow will be a busy day of traiding with me I am expecting some more money tomorow please give the ...
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    34 And again, verily I say unto you, if my servant Robert D. Foster will obey my voice, let him build a house for my servant Joseph according to the contract which he has made with him, as the door shall be open to him from time to time; and let him repent of all his folly, and clothe himself with charity, and cease to do evil and lay aside all his hard speeches, and pay stock also into the hands of the quorum of the