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Nov 24, 1836

Journal Entry

November 24, 1836 ~ Thursday

24 Travled to Chardon & Providentially met with Elder Henry
on his way to Tenn[essee] we had a happy interview
with him I wrote a Letter to the Saints {Distance} 33 miles


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Daybook (31 December 1835 - 3 January 1837)
24 Travled to Chardon within 9 miles of Kirtland & as we were about to leave the stage to go our way We vary Poroidentially was made known to Elder Henry Sherwood who was on his way to Tennessee to watch over the churches in that region for a season it was a happy meeting I wrote a Letter to the churches in the South we spent the night writing & conversing untill 12 oclock upon the things of the Kingdom spent the night at Mr Cyrus Canfields distance 53 33 miles
Autobiography Volume 1 circa 1842-1865
We reached Chardon on the and providentially met Elder Henry Sherwood on his way to Tennessee. We had a pleasent interview with him. I wrote a letter to send to the Saints where I had been laboring and amongst whom Elder Sherwood was going to labor in the ministry. On the morrow we took the hand and parted from Elder Sherwood and then I set out in company with Elder Smooth in a hard snow storm for Kirtland.


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Nov 24, 1836