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Jul 11, 1837

Journal Entry

July 11, 1837 ~ Tuesday

101th We walked to Uncle Ozem Woodruff. Brother Hale & myself
repaired to a stream of pure water & we there cleansed our hands
and feet and bore testimony before God against Mr Vanarsdalen
a prysbeterian pryste priest who rejected our testimony
& against the whole villedge who rejected our testimony
I preached at the Lovly Street schoolhouse at candlelight
upon the authenticity of the Book of Mormon the people gave good
attention I spent the night at Uncle Ozem Woodruffs We
conversed upon the things of the kingdom untill the following Day


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Hale, Jonathan Harriman
1 Feb 1800 - 4 Sep 1846
147 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem, b. 1787
3 Nov 1787 - 18 Feb 1871
156 mentions


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July 12, 1837 ~ Wednesday 12th And during the night at 2 oclock AM, uncle Ozem Woodruff & his houshold believed the fullness of the everlasting gospel & I led them fourth at the same hour of the night and baptized them for the remission of their sins, being three of them. viz Ozem Woodruff, Hannah Woodruff, & John Woodruff, their son. Glory to God in the Highest for this blessing the Lord hath given me the desires of my heart in this think thing which is in fulfillment of a vision given me in 1818 all is now fulfilled
~ Wilford Woodruff

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The next I preached at Lovely Street School house upon the authenticity of the Book of Mormon and the people gave good attention. I spent the night at uncle Ozem's and we conversed upon the things of the kingdom until the following day


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Jul 11, 1837