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Sep 9, 1837

Journal Entry

September 09, 1837 ~ Saturday

9th Mr Joseph Carver conveyed us across the thoroughfare to John
in a sail boat to North Island about four miles. Walked to Br Eams. ^5 m[iles]^


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Kent, John
16 mentions
4 mentions
Ames, Justus
15 May 1790 - 5 Jun 1861
61 mentions


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& seventies, esspecially, Kimble, Hide, Goodson & others in England. Of Page & Blakesley on Canida & many others we thought and spake of. While filled with these meditations, & the Promises of GOD, we fell upon our knees and thanked the God of heaven, & Prayed for all Israel, not forgetting the Church of Latter Day Saints, head nor foot. We plead with God for Joseph, & for all the Elders and members, esspecially our wives. Our souls rejoiced, & we went our way with glad hearts. Will not the rememberance of these things, remain forever, esspecially untill our heads are silver'd o'er with age. Tell it unto your childrens children.
~ Wilford Woodruff

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Daybook (18 August 1837 - 11 October 1837)
9th Mr Carver conveyed us across the thurerfare to Mr John Kents in a Sale Boat about 4 miles perused the papers that gave an account of disstressing tornados of the at porterekco St Thomas & ^1000 lives lost^ west Indies walked to Brother Eames & spent the night with him. thDistance of the day 7 miles


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Sep 9, 1837