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Mar 23, 1839

Journal Entry

March 23, 1839 ~ Saturday

223rd Rode to Springfield I [c]alled the Church together in order for a council they came together
at candle light at the room of Br Daniels. the house was called to order. Elder Willford Woodruff

was called to the chair & Elder Edwin P. Merriam clerk I opened the meeting by prayer & address
ed the Church in great plainness one hour as Elder Dunham had transgressed openly before the
Church I rebuked him openly & protested against the spirit he possessed & maintained during the
Springfield Conference ie the Brewster spirit Elder Simeon Carter followed me & maintained the
principle with me & so did the others that spoke Elder Jonathan Dunham arose & confessed his fault
& asked forgiveness & also Br Brewster & some others & we forgave them all. I next made a requ
est of the Church to make a collection in the behalf of the poor Saints in Far West or for their remo
val & their was about $70 dollars donated for this purpose & a messenger immediately sent to
Quincy with the money for that purpose we then closed our council, & I spent the night with Br
Whittle the Distance of the day 24 [miles]


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4 mentions
Dunham, Jonathan
14 Jan 1800 - 28 Jul 1845
10 mentions
2 mentions
Carter, Simeon Dagget
7 Jun 1794 - 3 Feb 1869
20 mentions


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Autobiography 1857 Draft 1
I left Quincy on the arived in Springfield on the Held a meeting with the Saints reproved Elder Dunham for his course in maintaining Brewster in his wrong spirit. He confessed asked forgiveness & was forgiven I collected a donation of ^I returned to Rochester for my effects while at Springfield I collected $70 for the relief of the Saints in Quincy ^which I sent to them^ A messenger took it to the Brethren in that place. I arived in Rochester


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Mar 23, 1839