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Mar 24, 1839

Journal Entry

March 24, 1839 ~ Sunday

24th Sunday I returned to my dwelling in Rochester.


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Autobiography 1857 Draft 1
on the . On while riding upon the running gears of a waggon, setting upon the foreward bolster, the bolt came out of the copling pole which left the hind wheels I was imme- diately shot up between the bolster and tongue with the coupling pole turned over upon the horses backs the horses became frightened and ran onto an open prairie with me draging my head and shoulders upon the ground after draging me in this position for several minutes I managed to dr guide them so as to run into the corner of a high staked worm fence where I landed with myself ^&^ horses in a pile, and escaped through the mercy of God with ownly a few bruises without any broken bones. I settled my business and ^I^ returned to Quincy on the


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Church leaders escape while being transported for trial with the help of their guards; Church members move to Commerce, Illinois and establish Nauvoo.
Wilford receives the official call to serve his third mission.

Mar 24, 1839