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Nov 30, 1839

Journal Entry

November 30, 1839 ~ Saturday

30th In company with Elder James I held a meeting at Mr George Myres


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James, Samuel
18 Jan 1806 - after 1880
15 mentions


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a while about her domestic affairs I asked, whare Sarah Emma was (our ownly child) She says weeping {and kissing me} she is dead. We sorrowed a moment & I awoke, Phebe also said she had not received my letters. Is this dream true time must determin. ^This dream was a warning of what was to come Sarah Emma Died 17th of July AD 1840
~ Wilford Woodruff

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Daybook (8 August 1839 - 12 January 1840)
30th in company with Elder James I held a meeting at Mr George Myres


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Times and Seasons, official Church newspaper, first published in Nauvoo, Illinois (continuously published until February 1846).
Church membership is 16,800; population of the 26 United States is 17,100,000.

Nov 30, 1839