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Jan 1, 1840

Journal Entry

January 01, 1840 ~ Wednesday


JAN 1st 1840

I find myself in company with
Elder's John Taylor & Theodore Turley
on board of the packet ship Oxford of the
Black Bull line on our way from New york
to Liverpool to fulfill a commandment of god
in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nations
of Europe. We are in Long 42.40 We have a
vary rough sea, High winds blustering & cloudy.
I am about 1,900 miles from both Liverpool
& New york being in the centre of the Atlantic
as it is called 3800 miles from New york to
Liverpool. We Left New york dock on the 19th
day of Dec 1839 & sailed on the 20th So time rolls
along & waiteth for no man


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Taylor, John, b. 1808
1 Nov 1808 - 25 Jul 1887
1843 mentions
Turley, Theodore
10 Apr 1801 - 12 Aug 1871
138 mentions


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Times and Seasons, official Church newspaper, first published in Nauvoo, Illinois (continuously published until February 1846).
Church membership is 16,800; population of the 26 United States is 17,100,000.

Jan 1, 1840