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Dec 31, 1839

Journal Entry

December 31, 1839 ~ Tuesday

31st The last day of AD 1839. Sea still vary rough, under closs reef top sails cloudy weather. their
is not much to interest the mind on a sea voyage while one is many days out of sight of land
except the rolling billows which are majestic. A person is freequently not ownly out of sight of
land but do not even see a sail or the sun, but have to be crouded together in a steerage like
hogos or stay upon deck in the mids[t] of spray wind & storm. This day leaves me in the centre of the
Atlantic from N Y to Liverpool whole distan[c]e 3800 miles half the distan[c]e sailed in Dec 1839 1,900 mil[e]s


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Daybook (8 August 1839 - 12 January 1840)
31st Sea still vary rough sails under closs reef cloudy weather this is the last day of 1839 their is not much to interest the mind while taking a voyage at sea excepting the rolling Billows which are majestic for one is freequently many Days without the sight of land, or sun, or even a sail at sea & must be crouded together with many passengers in a cabin like logs or stay upon Deck in the spray wind or storm &c.


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Times and Seasons, official Church newspaper, first published in Nauvoo, Illinois (continuously published until February 1846).
Church membership is 16,800; population of the 26 United States is 17,100,000.

Dec 31, 1839