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Jan 2, 1840

Journal Entry

January 02, 1840 ~ Thursday

2nd The sun rose clear it was the first time we
had seen the sun for 5 days. We have a calm
this morning. There is a vessel in sight of us
the first one we have seen since we left N. Y.
it was astern of us. Elders Taylor, Turley, &
myself sat down upon the anchor & had a
crock of Buternuts


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Taylor, John, b. 1808
1 Nov 1808 - 25 Jul 1887
1852 mentions
Turley, Theodore
10 Apr 1801 - 12 Aug 1871
139 mentions


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Daybook (8 August 1839 - 12 January 1840)
2nd The sun rose clear it being the first time we have seen it for five days. We had a calm. We saw a vessel for the first time since we left New York it was stern of us. Elders Taylor, Turley, & myself sat down on the anchor & had a cruck of Buternuts


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Jan 2, 1840