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Oct 21, 1840

Journal Entry

October 21, 1840 ~ Wednesday
21st [FIGURE] I wrote two Letters one to Elder
John Cheese & the other to Edward Oaky after
which I took an interesting walk into through
the city of London in company with Elder
G. A. Smith we walked from St Lukes to
Nassau st Middlesex Hospital we called upon
Mr B. SANGIOVANNI Sculptor & Modeller
No 23 Nassau Street Middlesex Hospital, whose
wife was the daughter of David W. Rogers
of New York late of Montrose she inquired
much about her fathers family they treated
us kindly. he is an Italian, he was an officer
under Murat of Naples but fled from his
country with many other Neopolitan officer
at the time Murat was Deposed, after taking
some refreshment with them we walked
through REGENT Street which for wealth
splendor, & magnifficens, is not surpassed in
London & probably not in the world, panes
of glass in this street may be found about 10
foot in width & 20 in highth & it would be
impossible to describe the richness splendor &
cost of the merchantdize of evry name & natur[e]
through this street, we then calleded upon
Mr James Nickolson near Saint James Palaca [Palace]
we passed through St Jame's Park had a view
of many of the palaces of the Royal family
we walked around Buckingham Palace, we saw
the Iron Gates leading from St James park
into High Park they were each 10 feet wid[e]
25 in highth 4 or 6 inches in thiknes, when
shut together would make them about 20
feet in wedth we visited High Park & saw
a large cast Iron monument containing the
following incription TO Arthur Duke of
And his brave companions in Arms
This statue of Achilles cast from cannon
taken in the victories of Salamanca Vittori
Toulouse And Waterloo Erected the 18 day
of June 1822. on our return home we called
at the Lowther Bazaar, 35, West Strand,
at the Magic Cave visited Annually by 60,000
persons The ownly subteraraneous exhibition in

London we returned home & held a prayer
meeting at Father Corners 52 Iron monger Row
St Lukes London. Distance of the Day 10 miles


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6 mentions
Historical Figure, Eminent Men and Woman
13 mentions
Rogers, David White
4 Oct 1787 - 21 Sep 1881
22 mentions
Oakey (Ockey), Edward Ockey
27 Feb 1816 - 14 Aug 1871
53 mentions
Smith, George Albert
26 Jun 1817 - 1 Sep 1875
1382 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
42 mentions
7 mentions
Historical Figure
Cheese, John
30 Nov 1799 - abt 1847
43 mentions
1840 British Convert, United Brethren
22 mentions


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Oct 21, 1840