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Oct 29, 1840

Journal Entry

October 29, 1840 ~ Thursday

29th We Mailed two letters for America on[e]
to the Editors & one to Elder Lorenzo Barnes
[FIGURE 10] we recieved 3 letters one from Rushton
one from P P Pratt & one from W Richards with
a present of £1.


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Barnes, Lorenzo Dow
22 Mar 1812 - 20 Dec 1842
36 mentions
Pratt, Parley Parker
12 Apr 1807 - 13 May 1857
527 mentions
Richards, Willard
24 Jun 1804 - 11 Mar 1854
525 mentions


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November 1, 1840 ~ Sunday NOV 1st Sunday. It seems to be a hard matter to esstablish the truth in the city of London there is so much agoing in the city to draw the attention of the people that it almost required a trump to be blown from heaven in order to awaken the attention of the people to the subject of the fulness of the gospel I freequently think o[f] Pauls perils in the city, their was a great differance between Paul who was without purse or scrip & the Pharasees who had thei[r] large reward for Divineing, so it is with us in trying to warn London without purse or scrip. Still we have to pay high for all we eat, drink, sleep, room, fire, candles, & a room to warn the people in &c. & we are out of money but still we feel to put our trust in God.
~ Wilford Woodruff

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Letter from Orson Pratt, 29 October 1840
Dear Brethren Woodruff & Smith Yours of this week came to hand this morning I was highly pleased with the news with the exception of the loss which Elder Woodruff has sustained with him I feel to mourn for it brought forcibly to my mind the death of my little daughter Lydia Sister Woodruff must feel disconsolate I cannot but sympathise with her as she is now left entirely alone. It is cheering to hear of the prosperity of Nauvoo. It forcibly reminds me of the vision of Esdras in which he suddenly saw a woman in great trouble weeping with great lamentation but sud- denly there appe^a^red in her stead a great city. It will not take the Jews long to build Jerusalem at that rate. I think that the sin of laziness & indolence will not be imputed to the saints much longer for they seem to build cities with almost as much dex- terity as children build cob houses & I presume they are


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Oct 29, 1840