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Jan 17, 1841

Journal Entry

January 17, 1841 ~ Sunday

17th Sunday I met the Saints at our sitting Room in
the morning, & had an interesting & spiritual time. I broak
bread unto the Saints, in the afternoon & the Lord was
with us & we had a good time I preached again in the
evening had a full house many new hearers several
offerd themselves for Baptism after meeting, there
was 8 added to the church in London During the last
week, we have struggle'd hard in London to get the
work started & to do a little but the cloud begins to
break & the work begins to roll on & the Lord will spedily
do a great work in this city.

Dispatch Sunday Jan 17th 1841

1st Upwards of 100 seaman connected with
New Castle upon Tine perished in the storm
of Novembem

2nd. The American Presidents Message to
Congress, A contrast drawn by the Editor
between England and America which was

3rd England without a parliament, Publicola

4th The Schooner Veritas burned & one man

5 The Royal Speech
To be deliverd frome the Throne by her
on the opening of Parliament on the
26th Inst.

The speach is not understood to
be the composition of the sovreign. Parliamentary
usage for a century has esstablish as a maxim
that the speech from the Throne is to be discused
as the speech of ministers who are supposed to be
responsible for it. Royal speeches are often
compulsory upon those who deliver them

6th Queen & {the} Commons a mere are at present a
mere completely ciphers

7th An Interesting letter from John Frost who
was transported to Port Arthur Van Demans Land

8 Loss of the Thames Steamer. Awful destru
ction of human life 70 persons lost 3 saved

9th Cholera at Paris 100 Deaths daily followed
by large mobs

10th Singular & {melancholy}. Death of Sam Scott
the American Diver, Sam Scott who had
Dived 140 feet for many Days off from
several Bridges in London into the River Thames
while playing tricks actually hung himself
on the 11th Jan 1841 in the presence of 10000
persons, he was born in Philadelphia in the
United States was in his 28th year of his age

11th Great Distress of the poor in Marylebone
£500 pound given to feed the hungry


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Jan 17, 1841