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Mar 23, 1841

Journal Entry

March 23, 1841 ~ Tuesday

March 23rd I arose in the morning refreshed by sleep
& after conversing several hours with Elders Richards
Kington, Kay, & Ockey & others I was under the ne
cessity of thaking the parting hand with the Saints in this
region, & among others with Br Edward & Sister
Ann Ockey, these are a Brother & sister of one family
& the ownly ones of the Ockey family that have
received the fulness of the gospel as they & their friends
are popular & welthy theiy have had many trials to
pass through in order to do the will of God maintain
their faith & Integrity & prepair to gather with the
Saints of God, for their Brothers are exceding mad
against them. But Br Ockey has maintained his int
like a man of God, when his Brothers has come against
him in anger & abused him & the servants of God that

were in his house he has boldly stood up in defence
of the faith bore record of the truth of the
work & faithfully warned his Brethren to
obey the gospel, he is making evry preperation to
gather with the Saints & help as many as he can to
Do the same. Sister Ann appears willing to do the
same, But has some fears that her Brothers will
hender her getting ready & gathering with the
Saints. She wishes me to Pray that God will
deliver her. As I bid her farewell she put into
my hands £05 A crown & A Peace of paper containing
the following lines. To my Dear Friend

Oh say not we are Parted
While our souls can meet in prayer
Whilst there is a throne of love
And one hope unites us there

When the first light of the morning
First tints the east with red
I pray that heavens best blessings
May be showerd on thy head

And when evening's lengthning shadows
Recall the hour of Prayer
There is no mercy that I crave
But thy Dear name is there

(Good Bye)
When from the friend we dearly love
Fate tels us we must part
By words we can but febly prove
The anguish of the heart

And in soft words how'er sincere
Can half so much imply
As that suppressed & trembling tear
Which drowns the word good bye

The oceans may between us rool
And distant be our lot
Ah 'tho we part to meet no more
Dear Friend forget me not
A Ockey
A. O. to W. Woodruff

I then walked to Frooms Hill conversed with
the Elders untill 2 oclock I then took the parting hand
with Elders L. Richards T. Kington, Kay & others, & took
about 20 lbs wait oin my travelling bag & walked 15 miles
in four hours, to Worcester when I arived there I was
so vary lame with my heavy load & fast walking that
I could scercely walk. I then took the rail road &
arived in Birmingham at 10 oclock was exceding lame
& weary I spent the night with Elder James Riley,
chair maker 24 Park street Birmingham {Distance of the day} 40 m


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Oakey (Ockey), Edward Ockey
27 Feb 1816 - 14 Aug 1871
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Kington, Thomas
30 Nov 1795 - 1 Jul 1874
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1840 British Convert, United Brethren
Kay, William
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Mar 23, 1841