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May 11, 1844

Journal Entry

May 11, 1844 ~ Saturday

11th We travled across the prairies this day to
Br Justice Ames on Ceder Creek within 3 miles
of Galesburg. it was the first time I had been on
his farm He had a plesent place of 100 acres & 40
acres in corn & wheat. they all appeared glad
to see me we spent the night with them I talked
with them untill about midnight. In the morning
before we left, we lade hands upon Br Justice
Ames & his son Christopher Ames & ordained them
unto the office of Elders. distance of the day
20 miles


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Ames, Justus
14 Oct 1789 - 5 Jun 1861
61 mentions


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Wilford completes brick home in Nauvoo; over the next 2 years he lives in it for less than 6 weeks.

May 11, 1844