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May 12, 1844

Journal Entry

May 12, 1844 ~ Sunday

12th Sunday we parted with Br Ames family
He accompanied us on our way 12 miles to the
big mound & we parted with him & he retu-
rned & we continued on to walnut grove & stoped
at Br John Gaylords & fed the Horses I accompa-
nied Br Grant to his fathers house He found them
well except his mother was some out of health
his father Joshua Grant was a school mate of
my fathers in Connecticut told an anacdote
concerning a coon & a cheese after spending
2 hours plesantly & dining with them we took
our departure & rode to Fraker's Groove & spent
the night with Br Austin Grant & Gideon Gillet
distance of the day 31 miles


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Woodruff, Aphek, b. 1779
11 Nov 1779 - 28 May 1861
549 mentions
1 mention
Grant, Jedediah Morgan
25 Feb 1816 - 1 Dec 1856
269 mentions
Gaylord, John C.
12 Jul 1797 - 17 Jul 1874
4 mentions
2 mentions
Ames, Justus
14 Oct 1789 - 5 Jun 1861
61 mentions


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Wilford completes brick home in Nauvoo; over the next 2 years he lives in it for less than 6 weeks.

May 12, 1844