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Apr 13, 1845

Journal Entry

April 13, 1845 ~ Sunday

13th Sunday In company with Sisters Woodruff
Shelden, Armstrong, & Elder Holmes I took the
rail cars rode to Oldham & met with the Saints
in that Place Preached in the forenoon was followed
by Br Holmes. He Preached in the Afternoon
I followed him, in the evening I took cars &
returned to Manchester with the company, we
attended meeting in Manchester herd Elder
Mynell Preach spent the night with Br Druce 14 [miles].


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5 mentions
Druce, John
18 Jun 1818 - 7 Oct 1897
26 mentions
Holmes, Milton
16 Jan 1811 - 30 Apr 1881
217 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1558 mentions


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Letter from George Albert Smith, 13 April 1845
Nauvoo Elder Woodruff I have commenced two letters which on account of the Great Press of Business I could not finish I received a letter from you by Elder Amos Fielding a Special Conference commenced on the 6 of April & adjourned on the Evening of the 9th it was the largest assembly ever gathered in Nauvoo by many thous- ands the congregation covered from 2 to 3 acres of ground & were variously estimated from 18 to 40,000 the most perfect order prevailed notwithstanding the city authorities had leased to act since the repeal of the Charter & consequ ently not a policeman or constable on the ground to keep order it was Decided by Doctor Go Forth that our Deacons per served far better order than there was at the Conference 12 months before kept by the Police. Every proposition presented to the Conference was caried with out a Desenting voice. A Resalution passed to Recommense the Nauvoo House & put up its walls this fall there is an immense emigration coming in this Spring & notwithstanding the departure of Rigdon Wight Emmit & their companies it is all most imposs ible to find an Empty House or Even a room to rent the tithing is comeing in from Nerely all the Branches & Business mooves as Lively around the Temple as it does round a Bee Hive in May Elder Ammasa Lyman & my self have ben Elected trustees of the Nauvoo House to fill the vacancies of John Snyder & Lyman Wight Removed the City of Nauvoo has ben organizd into a Town Corporation & yesterday 5 Trustees where elected who have power to pass such Ordainences Rules & Regulations as are for the safety and peace of the citizens in preventing fires opening streets supressing Nuisiances & disorderly Houses & such other things as may not be Inconsistent with the statute of the state this organization is under the provisions of the General incorporation act which authorizes any neighborhood not exceeding a mile square & containing 150 Inhabitants to organize in the manner above Described
Letter from Joseph Cain, 13 April 1845
Answered Liverpool Eng May 23rd 1845


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First Thursday of the month designated for fasting and prayer (later changed to first Sunday by Wilford).

Apr 13, 1845