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Apr 18, 1845

Journal Entry

April 18, 1845 ~ Friday

18th [FIGURE 1] I wrote one letter to H. Clark one to
Wm Smith, spent the day at the office 4 [miles]


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Clark, Hiram, b. 1795
22 Sep 1795 - 28 Dec 1853
115 mentions
61 mentions

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Letter to Aphek and Azubah Hart Woodruff, 18 April 1845
36 Chapel Street Liverpool Father & Mother Woodruff Having an opportunity of Forwarding a letter by private conveyance to the United States by an Elder who is about to sail to Boston, I thought I would drop a few lines to you, to let you know that we are in the land of the living & in the enjoyment of good health. I have felt vary anxious to hear from you since we have been here but have not as yet herd a word from you or about you since We left New York and at that time you was in sumthing of an unsettled state in your temporal affairs. I suppose you would like to know sumthing what I am doing in this land. I will therefore say that I have had more business on hand since my arival here than at any one time During life. I found the Saints needed much council & many alterations th[r]ough various portions of the British dominions. I have taken a tour though Scotland & a part of England since I came I have held many conferences since I came We held our general conference at Manchester on 6th April it lasted th[r]ee & a half days & more business done than ever before in any one conference in England their was represented on that occasion ten thousand Saints save 90, in England, Scotland, Ireland & Wales, & incliding their families would probably amount to 30,000 souls We had a large congregation to team these churches represe- nted, & besides the business of leaving the churches represented, & appointing the Elders to take charge of them and attending to the business that necessarily has to be done at such conferences We esstablished a Joint stock company for the purpose of esstablishing manufactories in Nauvoo the whole stock


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First Thursday of the month designated for fasting and prayer (later changed to first Sunday by Wilford).

Apr 18, 1845