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Apr 1, 1849

Journal Entry

April 01, 1849 ~ Sunday

April 1st Sunday I preached to the Saints in New York in the forenoo
& afternoon in great plaineneness to the Saints. G J Adams was present
in the Afternoon left before meeting closed. I took tea with Elder
Hollister. I called upon Ilos F Carter in the evening


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Carter, Ilus Fabyan
8 Nov 1816 - 11 Dec 1888
392 mentions


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Letter to Alexander Badlam, 1 April 1849
Cambridgeport Dear Brother Badlam As My Nephew Calvin I. Foss has omitted Sailing untill the present time, I thought I would write as late as I could, some things have transpired of interest since I last wrote we have continued meeting at Brother Birds since we left Boylstons Hall and their is quite an inquiry unto Mormonism. I Baptized 5 a stort time since & confirmed them on Sunday one was an intelligent gentlemen from Sweden, Also Mr Snow & His wife lives near page, but the one that I took the greatest interest in was My Father in law Mrs W Father, Ezra Carter sen He was at our house on a visit 76 years 3 days at where I Baptized him, He regoices in the work. A number of others are believing which I expect to baptize soon, I am publishing 1500 copies of Orson Pratts On Divine Authority or was Joseph Smith called of God, The Frontier Guardian is out but I have not got it yet. Cacpt Dan Jones is on his way with 5 Ships loads of Saints from Liverpool to New Orleans, Capt Joseph Russel has sent me word that He will give me am order to be paid in Liverpool for £300 about $1500 to assist in paying the debts of the Presidency at Liverpool, Council Bluffs Elder Barnes expects to loose a debt of about $2000. Br Page is quite feeble in health coughs much appears like a man in the first stage of the consumption. Father Nathaniel Holmes is dead and buried, I was at your home last evening Mr McClane & all his family are now living there, your family are all well I asked Sister Badlam if she wished to send any wortd to you she said No ownly ask hrim to send me some means next fall if He does not come home by that time I Herd from
Autobiography Volume 2 circa 1865
preached on the next day Sunday to the Saints of that city I packed up all the New York Heralds and took with me for the Historian's Office and went by rail and boat on the


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Apr 1, 1849