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Apr 16, 1849

Journal Entry

April 16, 1849 ~ Monday

16th I left Hornerstown & rode with two young men to Toms
our road lay through A level pine forest about 30 miles
almost one universal sand bed. there is A small village in the
midst of the pine forest called Manchester. I rode on a load of
plank 3500 lbs drawn by 4 mules with wide tire yet they sun[k]
into the sand over the felly which made hard travelling. I calle[d]
at Anthony Ivins And spent the night 30 m[iles]

I preached in the evening to the Saints I had a severe cold
And sore throat


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Ivins, Anthony
29 Sep 1818 - 23 Nov 1870
7 mentions


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Apr 16, 1849