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Apr 30, 1849

Journal Entry

April 30, 1849 ~ Monday

30th I took cars rode to New Haven called
upon Lewis Allen corner of Grove & High Street New Haven Ct
and talked over old times I then went to Smith Tuttles &
Jairus Sandfords I held a meeting at his house & organized the
saints into a branch appointed Br Sherman Barnes as presiding Elder
voted that he be ordained an Elder I spent the night at
Smith Tuttles distance of the day 75 m


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11 mentions
Alling, Lewis
23 Feb 1801 - 4 Sep 1877
4 mentions
Tuttle, Smith
12 Mar 1795 - 7 Mar 1865
22 mentions


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Autobiography Volume 2 circa 1865
On the I held a meeting at the house of Jariirus Sandford's and organized the Saints ^of Fair Haven^ into a Branch of the Church over which I appointed and ordained Sherman Barnes Presiding Elder.


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Apr 30, 1849