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May 7, 1849

Journal Entry

May 07, 1849 ~ Monday

7th [FIGURES] I recieved this morning from Mrs W.
8 letters which had been recieved in my absence from the
following persons, Wesley Siddle Wm Maxfield, James Mellen
Henry Mullen, Wm H Wilson, Wm Low, Samuel Dam,
& Allexander Badlam containing 4 full sheets of paper
written from Panama which was highly interesting He
gave an interesting account of the Isthmus & his journey
and Prosperity, He was about to set sail for the gold digings
I also wrote 5 letters to the following persons [FIGURE] Wm Low Wm Sweat Tho. Cartwright Wm H. Wilson G. J. Hardy
I also sent Orson Pratts Pamphlet of answer
was Joseph Smith Called of God to J Mellen & Ep


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Badlam, Alexander, b. 1808
28 Nov 1808 - 1 Dec 1894
99 mentions
3 mentions
3 mentions
Smith, Joseph (Jr.)
23 Dec 1805 - 27 Jun 1844
2232 mentions
45 mentions
Pratt, Orson
19 Sep 1811 - 3 Oct 1881
1036 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1551 mentions
12 mentions
Cartwright, Thomas
23 Dec 1814 - 9 Jan 1873
29 mentions
3 mentions
14 mentions
18 mentions


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May 7, 1849