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May 9, 1849

Journal Entry

May 09, 1849 ~ Wednesday

9th [FIGURES] I recieved a letter from Jacob Gibson & wrote one to him,
& sent him O Pratts Pamphlet, & one to Shelden Wooster, an Epistle
to John Druce

Receipt for Etching & Engraving on Steel

Take a small quantity of lampblack mixed with some of the strongest
Varnish mixed to a paste with a knife on a plate then thined with
turpentine so as to write or draw with it then write on steel any thing
that is Needed and let it dry then take a Teaspoonfull of aquofortis
a drop of quicksilver in it, when the quicksilver is desolved add a
tea spoonful of water then it is ready for use

How to use the Material for etching

Cover the edge & back with the same material that we write with
and all parts whare it is not wished for the aquafortis to take effect
and when the article is dry (the steel should be kept free from greese) then
apply the preperation of quick silver & aquafortis with a small rag rolled into
a little brush diped into the preperation & rubed even across the length of


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Gibson, Jacob
1 Jan 1814 - 1 May 1882
48 mentions
Druce, John
18 Jun 1818 - 7 Oct 1897
26 mentions
Pratt, Orson
19 Sep 1811 - 3 Oct 1881
1036 mentions
3 mentions


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May 9, 1849