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May 17, 1849

Journal Entry

May 17, 1849 ~ Thursday

17th We recieved European News this morning nearly all Europe
is still in wasr. The cholera is making great ravages through
the Unitesd States. it has just entered New York 8 deaths yeste
rday Br Mckenzie left me to day for the west I think He is
faithful I preached in the evening to A full House A number were believing


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Letter from Cynthia Briggs Ingalls, 17 May 1849
Steuben Sir as my husband was gone from home when your pusilanimous letter arrived it fell in to my hands, and I feell it my duty however painful it may be to answer it. I feell if I should (hold my peace the verry stones would cry out) you accuse him of intcoxication in Philladelphia, and of pleading inocent as to his getting intoxicated, this I know is false as them that told it, he has told me every circum- stance concerning his being taken by the watchman he had got fatigued and sick traveling from Pittburg in those dirity Secltion Bats that he came in, and set himself down to rest a while, (having no money to get him a lodging) he got a sleep and when the watch found him he thought he was some suspicious looking person, and for the sake of the fee which he knew he would get he took him to the wach house notwithstanding my Husband told him he was inocent and for that reason told him who he was, and showed his papes to proove it. But as it was the Officer prooved to be a better Saint than those that bore the name, he gave him money to help him on his journey, for ^he^ repented of what he had done, he did not stand back as those holy brothers did but he saw he was in distress and administered to his wants. Which do you think done the will of his Heavenly father; I suppose you know that my Husband came in company with Dudley, my Husband had money


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May 17, 1849