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May 16, 1849

Journal Entry

May 16, 1849 ~ Wednesday

16th [FIGURE 10] [FIGURE 1] [FIGURE 11] I went into Boston with Father Carter Mrs Woodruff
And Phebe & Susan Woodruff & got all our Dagerurrotype
likenesses taken in one groop, Bry Br. M. Cannon I then went
to Oak Hall & bought A suit of clothes Dress coat, vests, & pants
& Hat All amounting to $28. I returned to Cambridgeport
& obtained 24 letters from Thomas Cartwright, Josiah G Hardy
James H Wilson & Phebe W Woodruff. I wrote 3 letters
to Thomas Cartwright, Wm H. Wilson, and Orson Hyde
And sent one New subscriber for the paper Wm H Wilson
I recieved $4 in Br Cartwright Letter for Papers which He reci-
eves from Br Hyde I forward the money By Brother Mckenzie
also $2 from Br Wilson. Total $6 to day, $18 yesterday
in all $24. I forward this last letter & Money by Br
Mckenzie I walked up with Father Carter to se A fire in
Cambridgeport T Mckenzie receved of T Cartwright $4 in Boston $1 Total $29.

[FIGURE 4] I met with Father Ezra Carter & Mrs Phebe W. Woodruff And
conversed with Father Carter upon the subject of the Priesthood
I laid my hands upon his head & ordained him to the office
of High Priest And to the office of A Patriarch in the Church
of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints He is the ownly individual
out of A numerous family who has recieved the gospel It was
Manifest in various ways that He was of the Blood of Ephraim
from the loins of Joseph. It was fully manifest unto me whi-
le my hands was upon his head that this was the case. the
power of God rested upon us while attending to these ordin-
ances And we were filled with the Spirit of God prophecy &


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112 mentions
Scriptural Figure
Carter, Ezra, b. 1773
18 Mar 1773 - 10 Mar 1868
284 mentions
117 mentions
Scriptural Figure
45 mentions
27 mentions
Hyde, Orson
8 Jan 1805 - 28 Nov 1878
673 mentions
Snow, Phebe Amelia Woodruff
4 Mar 1842 - 15 Feb 1919
337 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1558 mentions
Scholes, Susan Cornelia Woodruff
25 Jul 1843 - 6 Oct 1897
357 mentions
Cartwright, Thomas
23 Dec 1814 - 9 Jan 1873
29 mentions
9 mentions
14 mentions


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On the I went into Boston with Father Carter Mrs Woodruff and our daughters Phebe and Susan and got our degurrotype likness taken in a group by brother M Cannon and in the evening I met with Father Carter and my wife Phebe and conversed with him upon the subject of the Priesthood. I then laid my hands upon him and ordained him to the office of High Priest and to the office of a Patriarch in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was fully manifested to me that he was of the blood of Ephraim and the power of God rested upon us and we were filled with the spirit of prophecy and rejoicing The New York Herald contained an account of the visit of the Engeneers of the Panoma railroad Epxpedition to the people lately dicovered called the Mandingo Indians at the Mandingo Bay which contains 113 Islands held in the sole possession of the Mandingo Indians who do


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May 16, 1849