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Mar 30, 1850

Journal Entry

March 30, 1850 ~ Saturday

30th [FIGURES] I received 5 letters from J. S. Shaw C. E. Brown
Shuah C. Moulton James Mellen & speech of Mr Douglass.
I wrote one toLetters to Mellen, one to Shuah & Freedom Moulton

31th [FIGURES] Websters trial closed to day & it was A serious
solumn court. The Jury after being out A few moments
brought in A verdic of guilty of Murder in the first
degree And He was sentenced by the court to be removed
to Prision And at the time Appointed be taken to the place
of Execution & be hung by the neck untill he was dead
I received 2 letters from Ezra Carter & J. Gibson I wrote
2 letters Abram Boynton spent the night with us


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Carter, Ezra, b. 1804
29 Apr 1804 - 11 May 1887
171 mentions
39 mentions
4 mentions
Gibson, Jacob
1 Jan 1814 - 1 May 1882
48 mentions
3 mentions
Moulton, Shuah Coffin Carter
20 Dec 1811 - 19 Jun 1905
87 mentions
54 mentions

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Letter from John Milton Bernhisel, 30 March 1850
Washington City Dear Brother Woodruff, I have receiv- ed your kind favor of the 26th inst. this afternoon, and as I do not feel in a writing mood, I will send you herewith a rough draft of a letter which I addressed to President Young three days, ago by brother Woolley; the perusal of which if ^you^ can decipher it, you will please to accept as an answer to yours. To thatifI have nothing new to add, only I cannot concur with brother Babbitt that there will be Pharaohs sent out to tyran-
Autobiography Volume 2 circa 1865
the murder of Dr Parkman which closed on the with a verdic of murder in the 1st degree and sentence to be hung.


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Mar 30, 1850