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May 16, 1850

Journal Entry

May 16, 1850 ~ Thursday

16th I rode upon the steamer to Kanesville & met with Br
Gibson & many others distance from St Louis to Kanesville [blank] miles
whole distance from Boston to Kanesville via
New York, Phil, Pittsburgh & St Louis [blank] miles
I went to Kanesville spent A little time atwith Elder Hyde
17ththen returned called upon Brother Alread & went
on board of the steamer & spent the night


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Gibson, Jacob
1 Jan 1814 - 1 May 1882
48 mentions
Allred, James
22 Jan 1784 - 10 Jan 1876
21 mentions
Hyde, Orson
8 Jan 1805 - 28 Nov 1878
670 mentions


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May 16, 1850