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Apr 1, 1850

Journal Entry

April 01, 1850 ~ Monday

April 1st [FIGURES] I Received A Telegraph Despatch from
M. Cannon of St Louis. I went into Boston was still unwell
E. Snow spent the night with me.


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Snow, Erastus
9 Nov 1818 - 27 May 1888
645 mentions
26 mentions


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Letter to John Milton Bernhisel, 1 April 1850
Brother Bernhisel I answered your enquiries about the withdrawing of our petition I do not know whether you got the Letter or not as I have heard Nothing from you since I feel to say a few weeks in this sheet upon the subject as follows. If on consideration you think it best to withdraw the petition & the committees or Territories & all other concerned will permit it & let it drop then it might be well to do so but if by withdrawing the petition it would not change the action of Congress But if they would still go on & pass Laws concerning a Territorial government for Deseret, it would be better to let the petition remain then to withdraw it if it made the matter worse all these things will have to be left to your own judgment & circumstances Yours Truly W Woodruff.


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Apr 1, 1850