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May 18, 1859

Journal Entry

May 18, 1859 ~ Wednesday

18th I rented a room of Brother Stockings & left Delight to
keep house by herself to milk the cows make Butter take care
of the calves &c I drew up a load of wood then took up my Horses
and drove across the country without any road to Harkers Kanyon
whare Robert was getting out poles distance 20 miles


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Stocking, John Jay
24 Apr 1806 - 23 Oct 1870
21 mentions
Scholes, Robert
19 Nov 1835 - 14 Jul 1891
94 mentions
Woodruff, Sarah Delight Stocking
26 Jun 1838 - 28 May 1906
170 mentions


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May 18, 1859