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May 10, 1869

Journal Entry

May 10, 1869 ~ Monday
May 10. A Plesant Morning we drove to Pason & dined
at Brother Simons, then drove to Provo, & held a Meeting
B Young jr spoke 30 M[inutes], G Q Cannon 28 M[inutes] W Woodruff 10 M[inutes]
& D H Wells 18. This Made 42 Meetings & 122 Discourses
while upon this Journey 42 Miles


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Young, Brigham (Jr.)
18 Dec 1836 - 11 Apr 1903
542 mentions
Wells, Daniel Hanmer
27 Oct 1814 - 24 Mar 1891
769 mentions
Cannon, George Quayle
11 Jan 1827 - 12 Apr 1901
1978 mentions
2 mentions


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I tell you in the name of Jesus Christ that if you do not repent in this place God will bring upon you his Judgments. I say this as an Apostle of Jesus Christ I feel impressed By the spirit of God to say to the people of this place that if they do not spedily repent of there sins & turn unto the Lord they will soon feel the judgments of God."
~ George Q Cannon


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May 10, 1869