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Jan 2, 1872

Journal Entry

January 02, 1872 ~ Tuesday

[FIGURES] 2nd Jan I spent most of the forenoon at President Youngs
office at about 11 oclok A. M. Patrrick the United States Marshall
came to Presidents Youngs office & Served an Inditement upon him
for Murders I was present at 2 oclok President Young & counci surrou-
nded By his Friends his concellors the Twelve & the leading Men of the

Church appeared in the Court room to answer to the writ Fitch &
Hemstead appeared as his council & asked for Bail. Bates the Prosicuting
Attorney also Asked for Bail & Put the sum at $500000. MCKean
the Judge Refused Bail But put President Young into the Hands of the Marshall
to be confined in one of President Youngs own Homes then President
Young returned to his own house in company with the Marshall I
went Back to President Youngs office a short time & called again
in the Evening He was in the office with the Marshall & his Friends
I also called upon H. Stout, Blythe, & the other Prisioners in the City Prison
& spent a short time then went to the Theater which clothesed the
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Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3289 mentions
Apostle, Family
3 mentions
Stout, Hosea
18 Sep 1810 - 2 Mar 1889
48 mentions
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Jan 2, 1872