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Feb 12, 1879

Journal Entry

February 12, 1879 ~ Wednesday

11 [FIGURE] I wrote 4 Letters to Sorrenson, Phebe, Teasdale
and McAllister

12 [FIGURE] I traveled in the desert to day some 8 Miles and
in the Evening I wrote a Letter {to Dora} gave an account
of my travels in the Desert I thought in the Evening it
might be wisdom for me to go to Salt Lake and
I dreamed I was there and Bishop Hunter and
others thought I was imprudent to expose myself as I
did I thought there were strange Men after me


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265 mentions
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Teasdale, George
8 Dec 1831 - 9 Jul 1907
444 mentions
Apostle, Missionary
McAllister, John Daniel Thompson
19 Feb 1827 - 21 Jan 1910
560 mentions
21 mentions
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1521 mentions


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Feb 12, 1879