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Apr 2, 1895

Journal Entry

April 02, 1895 ~ Tuesday

2nd ^[FIGURES]^ I received a Letter from Owen to Father Mother
& Blanche. I wrote Letters to Owen to Susan & Phebe
sent $10. I wrote to Sylvia Thompton
I sent her $10 for sickness was visited by a
company of Sisters upon womans sufferage


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Woodruff, Abraham Owen
23 Nov 1872 - 20 Jul 1904
438 mentions
Apostle, Family, Missionary
Woodruff, Emma Smith
1 Mar 1838 - 6 Mar 1912
871 mentions
Scholes, Phebe Carter Saville
6 Oct 1862 - 29 Nov 1926
112 mentions
Scholes, Susan Cornelia Woodruff
25 Jul 1843 - 6 Oct 1897
358 mentions
Woodruff, Sylvia Malvina Thompson
14 Jan 1862 - 8 Aug 1940
133 mentions
Woodruff, Winnifred Blanche Daynes
9 Apr 1876 - 2 Apr 1954
236 mentions

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Letter from David McAlister Faddies, 2 April 1895
West Weber Pres. Wilford Woodruff Dear bro I recieved yours of the 17th. I must say I feel proud to think that I am worthy of being called upon a mission. with Gods help & all being well I will present my self at the historian office at the date named the 11th of May, to fill the call that has been made of me. yours respectfully your brother in the gospell D. M. Faddies Robert McFarland Bp P.S. will you please instruct me whare I can get information as to what I shall need for my mission. D. M. F. All right. Please see that he gets the instruction he needs. J. F. S.
Letter to Susan Cornelia Woodruff Scholes, 2 April 1895
My dear Susan, I have been trying for a good while to get a moment to write a few lines to you and to Phobe but I have not found time. Infact I have had so much to do that I have not been able to accomplish my work as it ought to be done. I received Phobe's letters on her return home and I have not heard from you. I have almost had a Hospital at our farm home. Emma & myself have both got up from the grip and now Alice is very sick with a hard cough and low fever, but she seems a little better this morning. All three of Clara's children have been very sick with the measles but are getting better. Beulah has been called suddenly to San Francisco to Calla with "pneumonia", but she is better now. I dont know when she will return again. I hope soon to learn that you are up again. My love to all. Your affectionate Father W. Woodruff


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Eighth Constitutional Convention held; new Utah Constitution banning polygamy ratified November 5th.

Apr 2, 1895