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Aug 30, 1896

Journal Entry

August 30, 1896 ~ Sunday

Aug 30th. The company went to visit the Sweetwater dam,
one of the most complete dams in America. I spent the
day in my room. Asahel went out this evening and
met with the Saints in San Diego, and addressed
them for about an hour on the Gospel, had an interesting


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Woodruff, Asahel Hart, b. 1863
3 Feb 1863 - 2 Jul 1939
654 mentions


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Letter from Franklin Leondus Wilson, 30 August 1896

Sanford, President Wilford Woodruff Dear Brother, Yours of 19 inst ia To hand about Taking aA mission to the Southern States I will try and be on hand by the 10 of Dec next your Bro F. L. Wilson S. C. Berthelson Bishop

Letter from Heber Daniel Hogan, 30 August 1896

Richmond, President Wilford Woodruff Dear Brother I received your litter a few days a go in regard to the call Il Be redey at the day mentioned Oct. 10 if the Lord wiling Your Brother in the Gospel H. D. Hogan Wm. L Skidmore Bp.

Daybook (13 August 1896 - 14 September 1896)

30 the company went to [Mary] visit the sweet water Dam

Daybook (13 August 1896 - 14 September 1896)

[upside-down text] Asahel H Woodruff went Sunday Night & Met with the Saints in Sandiego & Addressed them for about one hour Aug 30. on the gospel & had an interesting Meeting [end of upside-down text]


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Aug 30, 1896