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Aug 29, 1896

Journal Entry

August 29, 1896 ~ Saturday

Aug 29th we went out on the pier, got a fish
pole and line, caught a small stinger fish.
The location of this Hotel is excellent, and as a winter
resort has few equals in the land. The summers are
mild the weather cool and bracing, but the heat now
was greater than had been felt, it was said by old
residents, for 25 years. Spent most of the day reading
the morning papers.


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Letter from George Hopkin Eyre, 29 August 1896

Minersville Pres. Wilford Woodruff Salt Lake Dear Brother In answer to call. I can say I have no complaints to make but will be their at the appointed time If you will be kind enough to let me know when to be in Salt Lake and what means I will need to take me their, and what I will meed for my convenience and any other instructions that I may need Please answer so I can make my arrangements to leave. Your Brother Geo H Eyre. [sideways text] George Eyre B.P. [end of sideways text]

Letter from Joseph Albert Manning Williams, 29 August 1896

To President Wilford Woodruff. Dear Bro: In reply to your letter of Aug. 20th in which I am selected for a missionary to leave home Nov. 10th [18]96 (for the Southern States.) I will say that I exc^acc^ept the call and am willing to go and do the best I can with the help of the Lord. Resp Jos. A. Williams. #138 K St Salt Lake City, Utah. over

Letter from Isaac Fillmore Holtsclaw, 29 August 1896

Mr Willford Woodruff Dear Brother your letter recived Baring me A call to fill a Southern Mission I will Be at your office January ^the^ 1 to your Survise Isaac Holtsclaw This is all right Samuel Jackson Bishop

Letter from Nathan Thomas, 29 August 1896

Logan, Utah. . President Wilford Woodruff, Salt Lake City, Utah. Dear Brother: In reply to your letter of Aug. 25, Inquireing as to what my feelings are in regard to the call that has been made of me I can say that I will make every preparetion to leave on the 8th of October for my mission to the Northern States, and I will Preform this labor to the best of my ability. Trusting that I may be guided by the spirit of truth to assist me in my labors. Your Brother, Nathan Thomas O. K. A. L. Skanchy (Bp.) good. J. F. S.

Letter from William Marcellus Woolley, 29 August 1896

President Wilford Woodruff Dear Bro.: I received a call Aug. 20th 1896 to fill a mission to the Southern States. I accept the same and with the healp of the Lord will be ready to leave home Nov. the 10th 1896, and will do the best I can to fill the same honorably. Resps, Yours Wm M. Woolley. No. 613 3rd st. Salt Lake City. over

Daybook (13 August 1896 - 14 September 1896)

Aug 29 we went out on the pear [pier] got a fish pole [long] could not hold any thing ownly Asahel caught a small [stingcreo] I spent Most of the Day [reading] the Money quarter


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Aug 29, 1896