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May 20, 1898

Journal Entry

May 20, 1898 ~ Friday

Fri May 20th At the office. Bro Nuttall accompanied me to the Gardo
where I had an interview with Mr A. W. McCune on the Jerusalem mission.
He was very kind. I went home at 330 pm.


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Nuttall, Leonard John
6 Jul 1834 - 23 Feb 1905
398 mentions

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Letter from Henry Erickson, 20 May 1898
Mill Creek. May. 20 1898. President Wilford Woodruff Dear Brother. I having been called to go on a Mission to the Northern States the 2nd of June 1898 I am willing to go and do the best I can. Your Brother in the Gospel Henry Erickson James C Hamilton Bp of Mill Creek Ward


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May 20, 1898