Letter from Pehr Olof Holmgren, 13 February 1893

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    Bear River City U. Febr 13, 1893 Mr W. Woodruff President Mormon Church Salt Lake City. Dear Sir: I protest against the sen- ding of my son David Holmgren on a mission to Sweden for the follow- ing reasons: I need him in my business to Superintend the work on my farm and take care of my stock, which in my estimation is far more honorab- le and useful to me, himself and his Nation. Should he through Priestly ...
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    Son, as to whether it is most honorable and useful to himself and his nation, to remain in the service of an unbelieving father, for such earthly reward as that service may bring him, or to go [acct] in the service of god to proclaim truth to the world for such recompence as may be gained in that higher and nobler service. If his son takes the same view of this matter as his father does, we could readily do without him in the misisonary field, but if he esteems the ...