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Dec 9, 1836

Journal Entry

December 09, 1836 ~ Friday

6, , , , 10 I spent in school in the evening of the
10 I wrote two Letters one to Elder Alexander
& the other to Sister M Atkinson both in Tenn


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1835 Southern Convert
Alexander, Randolph
22 Mar 1802 - 12 Mar 1879
55 mentions
1835 Southern Convert


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December 4, 1836 ~ Sunday 4th Sunday I went up to the house of the Lord to worship Elder Parish Preached in the forepart of the day Several spoke in the Latter Part of the day President RIGDON called a vote of the church to discountenance the use intirely of all liquors from the church in sickness & in health except wine at the sacraments & for external Washing the vote was carried eunanimously
~ Wilford Woodruff
December 11, 1836 ~ Sunday 11th Sunday morning after an interview with Priest Turpin I went up to the house of God to worship & O what a meeting. May it be printed upon my heart as a memorial forever For on this day the God of Israel sharply reproved this stake of Zion (Kirtland) through the Prophets & apostles for all our sins & backslidings & also a timely warning that we may escape the Judgments of God that otherwise will fall upon us even the case of the travels of the Camp of the Saints from Kirtland to zion in 1834
~ Wilford Woodruff

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Daybook (31 December 1835 - 3 January 1837)
6, , , , 10th was spent in School in the evening of the 10th I wrote two Letters one to Elder Alexander & the other to Sister M. Atkinson both in Tennessee


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Dec 9, 1836