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Mar 9, 1839

Journal Entry

March 09, 1839 ~ Saturday

Saturday morning met &
opened the meeting by singing & prayer by the Moderator. the people soon began to collect to hear preaching conse
quently the meeting was adjourned untill 6 oclock in the evening to be held in the room of Br Reuben Daniels. Preaching
in the forenoon by Elder Arnold Stephens. Preaching in the Afternoon by Elder W. Woodruff. Saturday evening the
conference met according to adjornurnment at the room of Br Daniels sung an hymn called upon the Lord in prayr in
behalf of Br Starks who had sent to the brethren to pray for him for he was vary sick that he might be healed
We lade hands on Br Stephen Mecham who was unwell. Also on Br Nathan CStaker who was also Ill. Priest Jonathan
was presented for ordination from this branch. Voted that Br Fisher be ordained an Elder. Br Joshua Mehcham
was presented for the ordination of a Priest & passed. Br Samuel Mulner was also recommended for the office of
an Elder & Passed. these three just named candidates was then ordained to their respective offices under the hands
of Elder Woodruff & others. The question of Br Brewster was again brought up before the conference & after
a lengthy discussion upon the subject untill near break of day it was found some 3 or 4 could not be made willing
that he should receive an ordination the question was therefore waved for the present Voted to adjorn.

Ewdwin P Merriam clerk of said conference

Concerning the case of Brother Brewster I was one that opposed his ordination & I was much surprised that both
the chairman & clerk did not do the same instead of urging it forward Ffor Br Brewster maintained the same
principle & possessed the same spirit for which he was cut off from the Church in kirtland by the high
& even in this case he came forward & demanded the High & Holy priesthood at our hands in the
in the name of Jesus Christ I did not consider this to be the way that Aaron took the ministry upon himself
consequently I opposed it & the Spirit of God opposed it also & after a struggle truth prevailed


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14 Jan 1800 - 28 Jul 1845
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15 Jan 1809 - 25 Feb 1891
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Mar 9, 1839