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Nov 16, 1841

Journal Entry

November 16, 1841 ~ Tuesday

16 I run 12 bushels of lime for plastering & rode in
company with J. H. Hale 2 1/2 miles on the prairie
to Br Zerah Pulsiphers I bought four acres of land
of him in section 32 for [FIGURE] $44 dollars I paid him

$20 dollars in silver & am to pay him the other $24
dollars in a year the ground is ploughed. I met in
the evening with the company owning the land they
appointed me to sell some of the land to raise the
money to pay Brother Daniel S. Miles part on the land


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Miles, Daniel Sanborn
23 Jul 1772 - 12 Oct 1845
4 mentions
Hale, Jonathan Harriman
1 Feb 1800 - 4 Sep 1846
147 mentions
Pulsipher, Zerah
24 Jun 1788 - 1 Jan 1872
101 mentions


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I am now in the midst of hundreds that I have Baptized throughout America, the Islands of the Sea England &c that have been gatherd together to Nauvoo through the influ ence of the gospel.
~ Wilford Woodruff
November 21, 1841 ~ Sunday 21st Sunday I met in Council with the Twelve at Elder B. Youngs then attended the general Assembly near the Temple he^a^rd a discours by Elder Taylor followed by President Hyram Smith I then met the Twelve at B. Youngs untill 4 oclok at which time we repaired to the Baptismal Font in the Temple for the purpose of Baptizing for the dead, for the remision of sins & for healing it was truly an interesting scene it was the first FONT erected for this glorious purpose in this last dispensation, it was dedicated By President Joseph Smith & the The Twelve for Baptizing for the Dead &c & this was the first time the font had been prepared for the reception of candidates on the Sabbath a large congregation assembled. Elders B Young H. C. Kimball & J Taylor went forward & Baptized about 40 persons. Elders W Richards, G. A. Smith & myself assisted in confirming them.
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Nov 16, 1841