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Aug 27, 1844

Journal Entry

August 27, 1844 ~ Tuesday

27th This was an exceding busy and laborious
day with me. It was the last day that I or my family
shall spend in Nauvoo for many days. I have
left my family and friends almost yearly to go
on missions in the vineyard of the Lord, for the
last ten years of my life, but have never attempted
to take my family with me before for the purpose
of accompaning me on a mission, but as I am now
about to leave my own country to again visit foreign
climes to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ & take
care of the churches which will probably be a

long mission I conclude it best to take my
family with ^me^ according to the council of the Twelve
so this day is spent settleing accounts taking
inventoriey of Goods and chatels left, packing up
goods, recieving letters, biding friends farewell
blessing the Saints, which continued untill midnight
[FIGURE] At 12 oclok at night in company with Mrs Wood-
, Br A. O. Smoot, Sisters Smoot, and Hannah
, we walked to the Temple of the Lord in
Nauvoo, and as we approached it we lifted up
our eyes and beheld the greatness grandure and
glory that presented itself to our view in a conspic-
uous manner while she was coverd with the silver
rays of the Queen of the night who was pouring the
whole strength of the brightness of her glory upon
her it presented an imposing, grand, and sublime
senery to the beholder, after gazing a few moments
upon her magnus walls, and examining her capitols
which were completed, standing on the ground, we
all as onf one accord assended the laders unto the
top of the walls, several of the poliece and friends
followed our example, among which was Gen C C Rich
and Elder Godard we repaired to the south west
corner of the Temple and their in company with
Mrs Woodruff & the above named brethren and sisters
we bowed our knees upon the top corner stone
which was prepaired to recieve its capitol, And their
with uplifted hands towards heaven, I called
upon the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph
by Prayer and supplication to except the gratitude
of our hearts for his mercies and blessings unto us in
preserving our lives giving us power to build the
Temple thus far. Prayed that the Saints might have
power to finish the Temple according to the Patern
given, and accepted at their hands, that the Saints
might recieve their endowment, and be prepared to
plant the work of God in all the world. I asked

my heavenly father in the name of Jesus Christ
and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood and the
Keys of the kingdom of God that he would spedily
avenge the blood of Joseph the Prophet Seer
and Revelator, and Hiram the Patriarch, which
had been shed by the hands of the American
gentile nation, upon all the heads of the Nation and
state that have aided, abetied or perpetrated the
horid deed, of sheding the blood of those righteous
men even the Lords anointed. I prayed that
God would preserve our lives and enabled and
us to fill our mission in righteousness and be
enabled to again return to this land and tread the
courts of the Lords house in peace and recieve
blessings at his hand. And that a double portion
of the spirit of Josephs God might rest upon
President Brigham Young and upon the quorum
of the Twelve in connexion with him, that
they may have power to bear off the keys of the
kingdom of God in all the world, in righteous-
ness and truth according to the power of God.
and that the work of the ministry, and Power
of the Priesthood, may rest upon all the quorums of
the Church and Elders of Israel. I dedicated myself
my family, and all appertaining unto me, unto God
committing my all into his hands, for the mission
Praying for his blessing to rest upon me through
the mission appointed unto me in the name
of Jesus Christ Amen.

After Prayers we again desended to the ground
returned to our homes with Joy and peace in
our hearts


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224 mentions
Scriptural Figure
Smoot, Abraham Owen
17 Feb 1815 - 6 Mar 1895
555 mentions
1835 Southern Convert
Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 26 Aug 1877
3304 mentions
Apostle, Family
Rich, Charles Coulson
21 Aug 1809 - 17 Nov 1883
344 mentions
Ells, Hannah
4 Mar 1808 - 31 May 1845
6 mentions
Smith, Hyrum
9 Feb 1800 - 27 Jun 1844
401 mentions
99 mentions
Scriptural Figure
153 mentions
Scriptural Figure
110 mentions
Scriptural Figure
Smith, Joseph (Jr.)
23 Dec 1805 - 27 Jun 1844
2232 mentions
94 mentions
1835 Southern Convert
Woodruff, Phebe Whittemore Carter
8 Mar 1807 - 10 Nov 1885
1551 mentions


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Aug 27, 1844