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Oct 1, 1844

Journal Entry

October 01, 1844 ~ Tuesday

Sept 31st [Oct 1] I left fathers House rode to Avon
called upon Uncle Thadeus Thompson he
looked rather old. I called upon Aunt Abia
She greeted me warmly, wished me
God speed; she possesses Good and kind feeling
I passed Zera Woodford, & spoke to him I
next called upon cousin Eldad Woodruff he
appeared Glad to see me. he looked natural.
I next called upon Uncle Titus Woodruff, he
was gone his wife Aunt Lua & his son Aphek
was at home. I spent a few moment with them
and next called upon Mr Wilson Herd. he was
vary feble Caltha was poor. I called upon Capt
Francis Woodruff, he look most ready for the
grave, still he was about. I called upon Uncle Ozem
family He was not at home Aunt Hannah
was well. I saw Erastus Woodruff setting in the
stoop, of a store. I called upon Oliver Tillistons
to see Br Thompsons as he was to work there, But
I did not see him. I passed Uncle Alson Thomps[on]
saw John Woodruff in Canton. I passed on
to New Hartford. I here called upon an old friend
and acquaintance Charles Lyman we formerly
had good seasons together in Prayer. He spoke
of the Address of his sister (Mrs Mary A. Curtis
West Martinsburg New York) she would like to
understand our manner of faith. I rode to
Colebrook viewed the old mills & house whare
father lived, took tea with Jonathan Stillman
& called upon ^Mrs^ Caroline Wolcott, next upon Mr
Leonard Gillet to sell him a peace of land for Dexster
Gillet was not at home. I spent the night
at Mr Wolcott's Distance of the day 30 m


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13 mentions
Woodruff, Aphek, b. 1779
11 Nov 1779 - 28 May 1861
548 mentions
Woodruff, Aphek, b. 1811
30 May 1811 - 23 Dec 1860
5 mentions
14 mentions
Woodruff, Eldad, b. 1747
21 Jun 2024 - 28 Dec 1805
38 mentions
11 mentions
9 mentions
Woodruff, Hannah Day Hart
20 Mar 1799 - 26 Dec 1887
60 mentions
1 mention
Woodruff, John
15 Oct 1818 - 17 Sep 1886
24 mentions
Stillman, Jonathan
abt. 1787-1856
4 mentions
11 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem Thompson
22 Dec 1804 - 28 Dec 1893
202 mentions
Woodruff, Ozem, b. 1787
3 Nov 1787 - 18 Feb 1871
156 mentions
Woodruff, Signora Caltha Hurd
20 Oct 1810 - 19 Mar 1891
7 mentions
14 mentions
Woodruff, Titus
30 Apr 1782 - 30 May 1864
38 mentions
Hurd, Wilson
3 mentions
1 mention


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Meeting where majority of Church members sustain the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as governing body of the Church.
Wilford accepts call to preside over the European Mission for one year.

Oct 1, 1844