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Apr 15, 1845

Journal Entry

April 15, 1845 ~ Tuesday

15th I visited a number of Saints during the
day Dined with Br George Hewett 54 Red Bank
Manchester. Took tea with Sister Holebrook
took rail cars at 6 oclok & rode with my family
to Liverpool distance of the day 40 m


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Hewit, Georget
abt.1785 - abt. 1850
4 mentions


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Autobiography Volume 2 circa 1865
Having spent the intermediate time to the in and around Manchester visiting the Churches and the Saints at their homes myself and wife returned to Liverpool. Here I found letters at the office for me two of which was from President Young and P. P. Pratt. These letters were full of public interest and brother Brigham's spoke of the progress of the Temple and affairs of Nauvoo. The Maynooth Grant


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First Thursday of the month designated for fasting and prayer (later changed to first Sunday by Wilford).

Apr 15, 1845