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Feb 13, 1849

Journal Entry

February 13, 1849 ~ Tuesday

13th [FIGURE 1] [FIGURE 10] I wrote A letter to Br David E Monroe Portsmouth R I
I recieved the Star of Nov 15th which was as usual interesting
I extract the following -[Just arived from the Invisible world
Marlon Pratt—a large fat noble boy. He was introduced into this world
on the morning of the 13th October AD. 1848. He has taken up
his residence in a tabernacle of flesh & bones & may be seen at
15 Wilton street Liverpool. He brings no news from his brother
& sister spirits whom He left in his native world but if we were
to Judge from the following letter, the spirit of emigration must
be greatly on the increase]- ED. "Sister White wife of Br Eli White was
was safely deliverd on the 17th inst of three children two sons & a daughter
All of whom with the mother are doing well."


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White, Eli
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Pratt, Marlon
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11th Sunday In company with my Brother & Sister in Law Ezra Carter Jr & Sarah B. Foss I met with the Saints at Br Birds And I preached to them more than one hour from the [blank] ch of Heb I had freedom in speaking it was the first time that Father Ezra Carter Jr ever attended A Mormon meeting His prejudice which has been strong against the Latter Day Saints was perfectly broaken down to day. He expressed his entire satisfac- tion at what he herd. And I find the prejudice of many men are breaking down at the present time throughout the world
~ Wilford Woodruff


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Feb 13, 1849