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Apr 24, 1849

Journal Entry

April 24, 1849 ~ Tuesday

24th I recieved a Letter from Br Wells of waterville Ct I walked
to the foot of Chamber street N.Y. ^to^ took boat it had left so I walked
back read the papers, stars &c containing Elder Jones Letter containing
an account of his last visit & Conference with the welsh saints
it was glorious, I shed tears of Joy over it. A Brother gave me
a Calafornia knife blade 15 inches long. At 2 oclok I took the
warren foot of vesey street and rode to Haverstraw N York
I found Elder John Druce I spent the night with him 50 m


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Jones, Dan
4 Aug 1810 - 3 Jan 1862
94 mentions
Druce, John
18 Jun 1818 - 7 Oct 1897
26 mentions
Wells, Samuel
7 mentions


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Apr 24, 1849