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May 15, 1849

Journal Entry

May 15, 1849 ~ Tuesday

15 ^[FIGURE]^ [FIGURE 1] I wrote 3 letters one to James L Curtis, Wm Low, And one to
Orson Hyde, containing 12 New subscribers for the Guardian
viz J. Brower, J. W. Roberts, J Doolittle, M. Cannon, B. Watts, S Wells, D.
2 cop J. Duckworth &c. & H C. Aldrich, Amounting to $18,
which I this day put into the Hands of Br McKenzie to take to Elder Hyde
I wrote A few lines to the Post Masters who would open my letters to steal
the money on the way. I sent Br Hyde A paper containing an account of the


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4 mentions
1 mention
Aldrich, Hazen C.
10 Jan 1797 - 30 Nov 1872
12 mentions
Brower, Jacob
7 mentions
7 mentions
27 mentions
Hyde, Orson
8 Jan 1805 - 28 Nov 1878
673 mentions
Wells, Samuel
7 mentions
9 mentions


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May 15, 1849