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Apr 3, 1850

Journal Entry

April 03, 1850 ~ Wednesday

3rd [FIGURES] I received 2 letters & wrote 5 letters to C. E. Brown
D. Turner T. Cartwright J. S. Shaw J. M. Bernhisel. Elder Erastus
took his departure from Boston to day on board of the
steemer for Europe we are all vary busy packing up & getting
ready to start for the valley again


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Snow, Erastus
9 Nov 1818 - 27 May 1888
645 mentions
4 mentions
Bernhisel, John Milton
23 Jun 1799 - 28 Sep 1881
313 mentions
Cartwright, Thomas
23 Dec 1814 - 9 Jan 1873
29 mentions


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Autobiography Volume 2 circa 1865
On the Elder Erastus Snow took his departure from Boston on board the steamer bound for Europe while we were very busy packing up and getting ready to start for the Valley. I held my last meeting with the Saints


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Apr 3, 1850