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Sep 28, 1856

Journal Entry

September 28, 1856 ~ Sunday

28th Sunday I attended the meeting. President Young preached in the
morning followed By Elder Edmund Elsworth & Daniel D Mcarthur
in the Afternoon. Elder Oakley Truman Leonard & President
H. C. Kimball I never heard as strong & powerful sermons ever
delivered by the presidency of this Church as I have heard it
from them of Late. I attended the prayer meeting in the Evening president
B. Young went to Feremore Little's in the Cottonwood Canyon & spent
the night. President Kimball said I have told the people to day of far
greater things than drawing hand Carts to Zion Joseph Smith took
President Brigham Young & myself to the vary spot In adam Ondi
whare Adam offered up his first sacrafize on a spot now
called Hogback.

D. H. Wells said I had a dream last night & saw
a butchers ^cleaver^ in the Heavens in the East. I tryed to show it to Bishop
Pettigrew & he could not see it I felt that there was a strougle [struggle] near
& a great slaughter, & much nearer than the people are aware of. President
Kimball said it would be better for one half of the people to be cut off than
for the rest to suffer as they had done & to go through what we would have
to. At the close of the Council I walked with H. C. Kimball to Presidents
Youngs Barn it contains 6130 square feet of ground building by
President H C Kimball


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271 mentions
Scriptural Figure
Young, Brigham
1 Jun 1801 - 29 Aug 1877
3317 mentions
Apostle, Family
McArthur, Daniel Duncan
8 Apr 1820 - 3 Jun 1908
74 mentions
Wells, Daniel Hanmer
27 Oct 1814 - 24 Mar 1891
774 mentions
37 mentions
31 mentions
Kimball, Heber Chase
14 Jun 1801 - 22 Jun 1868
1409 mentions
3 mentions
Smith, Joseph (Jr.)
23 Dec 1805 - 27 Jun 1844
2250 mentions
8 mentions


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Church-wide reformation includes rebaptizing, restructuring and recommitment to principles and covenants. First "home missionaries" introduced (precursor to ministering program).
First baptisms administered in baptismal font; members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles rebaptized (4th rebaptism for Wilford).

Sep 28, 1856